Generated 250 Tax Leads Reached 133,000 People Online With Facebook Campaigns


About Leamington

Manoloff is one of the largest tax firms In the United States. They are committed to aiding each client’s success, therefore they will collaborate with you at every level of your business’s development, from conception to maturity. They hired us to develop and implement a low-cost lead-generation strategy that would create high-quality leads for their business.

After researching their market and industry structure, we chose to better understand the target demographic and launch Facebook Ad campaigns that were meticulously tailored to each customer profile.

ClientAustin Primary Dental

Project Detail

The goal was to increase the number of potential leads and target people. A Facebook Ad campaign was needed in order to reach more people and increase their website traffic. We performed target audience research creating a series of Facebook Ads to reach out to people who meet the client personas.

The campaigns were set to A/B test a series of images and ad creatives to identify the best marketing messages. In addition to that, we created social media posts on a monthly basis to increase awareness and user engagement.

We are a team of experts

To determine whether different ads influence consumers, our Facebook marketing team created campaigns that were set to A/B test a variety of images and ad creatives in order to uncover the best marketing message.

Different teams collaborated and devised new ways in order to maximise the number of leads generated by their ads while lowering the cost per lead. All development updates were provided at the appropriate times.

Impressive Results

Our Facebook Ads strategy produced some impressive results over the campaigns lifetime. We have reached 133,000 people online within the first few months of our Facebook campaign going live.

1.80% CTR

33% Traffic Increase

133,000 % Reach