Leamington, The Leading Dentistry With Tailored Marketing Funnel


About Leamington

Leamington Road Dental Practice is a well-established dental practice in Coventry and its surrounding areas. They offer a diverse range of professional treatments, with experts. They are no stranger to helping people solve the most persistent problems in their lives, and have, over the years, established themselves as a trusted name in the industry.

However, Leamington realized that they were losing out on emergency dentist queries to their dental counterparts on Google. The marketing team at Webly Connect suggested targeting their customers using relevant search terms by paid means.

ClientLeamington Inc.

Project Detail

After understanding the nature of the dental treatments offered by them, we selected Google Ads as the best platform to promote their services for the best ROI. We created a unique strategy targeting people who may be looking for emergency dental services in the region. With highly targeted marketing campaigns, we managed to make the ads available to the most relevant audience.

This allowed us to drive the right traffic to the website. We combined compelling copy and ad creatives to build a sense of energy among visitors. The landing page was well optimized to allow visitors to book their appointment with ease.

We are a team of experts

With meticulous attention to detail and funnel strategy, we leveraged the Ads platform for Surbiton. Drawing on the practical knowledge of our Google Certified experts and Conversion Specialists, we managed to create high-converting landing pages.

Our team implemented Call Rail to track phone call leads effectively. Our marketing team tailored unique techniques for the conversion of potential clients. They had done multiple meetings to make the right marketing techniques.

Impressive Results

We managed to create high-converting landing pages. Our campaigns helped them to establish its presence in the search network and make its emergency dental services discoverable to everyone online.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI